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Share The Good

2020 has been a difficult year, especially in the Batemans Bay area, but there is still plenty of good to celebrate. And that's why we have launched the Share The Good campaign that has collected positive stories from the local community.

Earlier in the year we put a call out on their Facebook page, asking the community to share positive stories that may have occurred in 2020. The community shared with us stories of joy and positivity, from locals welcoming new additions to their families, getting engaged and sharing some laughs with neighbours to assisting in times of need during the bushfires.

The short stories were read by the team at the centre and summarised into a few words, before a calligrapher captured them on canvases. The stories were then hung on the walls of centre’s Share The Good Room, located next to Aldi.

Some of the stories you can see at the Share The Good room are from locals, Brooke Hodgetts, Sheena Carrington, Renee Mangles and Melissa Franzen.

Incredibly, Brooke, who was flown out of the area by ambulance during the fires and was blessed with delivering two beautiful twin boys.

Sheena, who had been studying for the past five years was able to get her dream job during COVID restrictions, helping others as a Disability Support Worker in the local community.

For Renee, the bushfires and COVID have restricted the delivery of her new mobility scooter. After the lockdown restrictions had been lifted, Renee was excited to finally have scooter delivered, that she had picked through her NDIS. This has given her a new sense of independence and allowed to get out of the house. 

After the bushfires, Melissa was left without electricity due to the power poles being burnt down in her street. Thanks to an amazing act of kindness, an off the grid neighbour shared power with not only Melissa’s home but another neighbour for two months before the power poles were restored.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Village Centre and Bridge Plaza's Share The Good room, to enjoy some positive local stories, and perhaps share their own. 

Where: Village Centre next to ALDI 
Opening Times: 10am to 4pm everyday